developing better brain stimulation applications


We are an interdisciplinary team interested in unraveling the full potential of electromagnetic brain stimulation (our main method is transcranial magnetic stimulation) as a neuroscientific and therapeutic tool. We conduct studies in healthy individuals as well as in individuals with neurological or psychiatric disorders.


As a lab member, we expect you to contribute to our ongoing studies and be open to learning new skills. We also want to support and mentor you in reaching your individual goals and make sure you will get the skills/knowledge/ experience etc. needed for you to reach the next phase of your career. We want you to be successful.


We are a friendly, supportive and respectful lab and want you to follow these values. We also want you to enjoy your time with your family and friends, rest and do whatever makes you happy. Life is more than just working.    

research focus areas

Method development

Developing brain stimulation tools to study the brain


Finding biomarkers to neurological and psychiatric disorders

therapeutics development

Developing brain stimulation protocols with therapeutic potential